‘A weed is a plant in the wrong place’

A tiny Begonia shares a spot in the mortar of a sandstone wall at Glasgow Botanic Gardens with an even tinier maidenhair fern. They are an incredible pairing, but not an impossible one under the circumstances.  

It’s worth mentioning the Gardens house the National Begonia Collection. Also, this genus, with many epiphytic species, is known for the very small and light seeds, adapted to stay airborne and be dispersed horizontally through the canopy of forests. 

You can see some of the Begonias in the collection in a couple of posts from a while ago, part 1 & part 2. If you really like Begonias, you can click here and view a list of all the named species, hybrids and cultivars within the collection.


Last night I was lucky enough to see an epiphyllum oxypetalum flower in person. These large, fragrant, gorgeous flowers open at night for one night only. Pictures don’t do them justice!

Ontogeny: the natural changes observed during the life of any living organism, including the way the leaves on a plant change from the juvenile to the intermediate blade shape, and finally into the adult leaf form.