we will win the day

I know that the news always sounds worse and worse. I’m sorry for that.

We’re going to win, though – those of us on the side of truth and beauty – and here’s why. The world with a climate change emergency that we take seriously doesn’t belong to “Democrats”, it belongs to human beings who do the actual work every day. Nazis are evil. Locking children in cages is evil. White supremacy is evil. We’re seeing it every day, so you should start to recognize it in all its forms.

We’re smarter and cooler and faster than evil. We have all the best music. Evil doesn’t even know how jokes work. We can dance, and evil claps on the one and the three.

You only have to go to corporate news and social media sites and witness them reflecting horror back in your eyes on the daily if you want to. You can spend the rest of your internet-connected time learning something on Wikipedia, or swiping through photos of good-looking plants, or, IDK, blogging about poetry.

When you’re out in the real world, do everything you can to remind them that we’re going to win. Don’t settle. Keep fighting. If your fight is to report a Nazi a week on Twitter, do it. We need you in this fight too. If your fight is organizing your neighborhood double-dutch competition, fight on, and tell me where it is so I can come. Register people to vote, or let someone on the train on your swipe. Find out new things about your neighbors, or ignore them completely and keep them in your prayers.

Stop letting these monsters sell guns to our children. Stop letting them put plastic in our water. Stop letting them frack for oil and pipeline it to their evil bank accounts. Keep your eye on who the real enemy is: it’s not a person or a party.

Evil’s not going to win. I’m here to tell you: it simply can’t.

from Tumblr https://njudahlove.tumblr.com/post/188053093486

The message is simple: Love everyone.

“The message is simple: Love everyone. “I have to work hard to be able to keep my heart open to people whose policies I disagree with,” Ram Dass once said, in a lecture from the ‘90s. “I have a holy table with pictures on it of Buddha and Christ and Maharajji, my guru.… And I used to have Caspar Weinberger”—the secretary of defense under Ronald Reagan—“on the table, but I now have replaced him with Bob Dole. So in the morning, I say, ‘Good morning, Christ! Hello, Buddha! Good morning, Maharajji! Hello, Bob.’ And I see how far I have to go yet. Because after all, [Bob Dole] is merely God in drag, saying, I bet you won’t recognize me this way, will you? They’re all faces of the beloved.””


A Voice From The Wreck – Chad Abushanab

I’m an accident on the south side of the town,

on the outskirts, where the desert holds its ground

against the streetlights’ last defenses. I’m the fire

leaping from the Chevy’s frame to smite the sky

and drain the cool out of the night. I’m the cell phone

in someone’s shaking hand, woken up

by the explosion in the street, the calls for help.

I’m an ambulance, a siren in the dark.

I’m the stoplight. I’m the kid out driving drunk,

vodka on his breath and bile in his throat.

I’m the headlights slamming final recognition.

And when you whisper names like curses

in your room, I’m the smell of gasoline in bloom,

the bloodstained moon behind the clouds.

I guzzle broken bones and busted radiators,

coolant running thick in thirsty gutters.

And if you ever manage to shut your eyes, to sleep,

I’ll wander from the wreckage as you dream.