Product development: when a little says a lot

I worked for TypePad as a community manager for years, so admittedly, I’m a bit of a feature geek just from knowing the platform inside out.  It’s difficult it is to make a user-facing feature happen, especially one that doesn’t seem to be a big deal compared to heavy-lifting-type requirements. Maybe something that everyone else sees as a “little fix” gets pushed aside for a while. As amazing as I’m sure the Google reCaptcha feature is for sharing posts/fighting spam, I’m actually most delighted to see a different feature poke its head up.

A product announcement, with a clearly-written call-to-action message, that links customers straight to the details of the feature on a blog post on Everything TypePad.

Compose New Post - Ginevra Kirkland | TypePad

Probably five people will know why this is awesome, and I love y’all so much. (Nyan!)

Dear whoever made this happen:
I heartily salute you, and I will fly to San Francisco just to bring you a beer at the Utah, like the olden days Product and marketing integration FOR THE FUCKING WIN.