Freelancing full-time, moving to a new city, and running a volunteer project means there's a lot of tasks to juggle. That's why I'm glad I found TeuxDeux, a lightweight, lovely task-management tool from Tina Roth Eisenberg (the fabulous designer and blogger swissmiss) and Fictive Kin.

The design of both the web app and the iPhone app are crisp, pretty, and perhaps most importantly, intuitive. There's a grace to great design that I seem to notice much more when I have to switch to something that's inelegant.

There's also a helpful and hiliarious FAQ, demonstrating their appreciation for copy-as-interface.

  • Is it true that TeuxDeux is the 16th greatest invention of all time?


  • What are the other 15 greatest inventions?

    We can’t go into detail, but we can say that #6 is Nutella.

  • How much does TeuxDeux cost?

    TeuxDeux is free. We sell an iPhone app for the basement bargain price of $2.99. We also talk a big game about releasing a premium version in the near future, but who really knows. All that matters is that this TeuxDeux, in all its minimalistic glory, is now and will always be free. (We do, however, accept cookie donations for our daily studio Cookie O'clock!)


Along with a Pomodoro timer, this is how I keep all the stuff I'm (quite happily) juggling balanced.

Watch their clever video demo:

TeuxDeux Demo from TeuxDeux on Vimeo.