highlight from: The Web Startup Success Guide

Startup I was interviewed for Bob Walsh's book The Web Startup Success Guide. You can download the PDF sample chapter here, or the whole book is available on Amazon. I was also interviewed for the podcast, it should be out soon! A highlight-

Is being a Community Manager more than just reacting to what negative comments people make about SixApart online?

Reacting to negative comments isn’t even how I’d term it, it’s listening to feedback and turning it into something useful and actionable. I see community management as the future of marketing and customer service. People really want to have the products they care enough to spend money on have a responsive, personal, personable voice to speak with them like humans. I think this is a result of a lot of innovation in the space, but also a reaction to the endless phone-tree runaround frustration people experience. I have a far better time talking with @comcastcares on Twitter than I do simply punching numbers into the phone. The connection is more valuable because of the human interaction.