case study: buffalo rising

a case study I wrote about a client's use of blogs to power new community sites.

Local Media in a Digital Age

Buffalo Rising is an online daily centered on the participatory and flexibility of Movable Type. Created by a small DIY-style media company, Schneider Digital, Buffalo Rising is a network of blogs that encompasses broad channels of interest and centered on the Buffalo, NY community. The site gets over 10,000 hits a day and has up-to-the-minute articles and discussions on civic affairs, current events, life, food, and the arts.

Approach: Buffalo Rising required a platform with both flexibility and scale, two things that have always been hallmarks of the MT platform.

“We needed a platform that was not just feature-rich, but user-centered, so people of varying skill levels could take advantage of the platform. We needed a platform we trusted to keep getting better, delivering features that we could integrate and pass that value on to contributors, and, more importantly, end users.”

Results: Buffalo Rising a great way for the community to connect, and the user-centered interface shows off just what ingenuity applied to the right tools can do. With integrated search, categories that act as “channels” for information, and targeted RSS feeds that allow users to subscribe to just the data they want in their newsreader, Buffalo Rising is both an excellent resource, and the interaction design encourages the community to explore and have fun with the site.

How Can Movable Type Benefit You?

It’s said best by Buffalo Rising’s development team:

“After evaluating other platforms, we’ve come to the conclusion that anyone looking to deploy a blog publishing platform across an enterprise (a platform that authors and end-users will be able to use productively and actually enjoy) who aren't seriously considering MT from the very beginning are making a mistake.”