case study: terrapass

a case study I wrote about a client’s use of social media and blogs.

Movable Type Featured BlogOriginally posted here.

Climate change has been a… hot topic in the news, and even at the
Oscars, for some time. But a lot of people who are concerned about the
issue just want to know some steps they can take to help as
individuals. TerraPass is an organization that lets you calculate your
“carbon footprint”, or the total of the carbon dioxide emissions we
create with daily activities such as driving, electricity use, or
flying. And TerraPass provides the opportunity to help offset that old
technology by investing in new technology that helps better the

But communicating about complex issues around climate change such as
renewable resources, investment in industrial efficiency and
alternative energy sources is a tough task. So TerraPass uses their
Movable Type-powered TerraBlog
to explain the heart of their business: It’s not just a one-way channel
for the company to talk about these issues, but a forum that supports a
community of people who are asking the tough questions. And the company
delivers their blog to their readers by leveraging Movable Type to
notify their 20,000 email subscribers about new entries, and talk about
relevant news of the day.

According to the staff of Terrapass “Movable Type is the core of how
we do business.” It’s a ringing endorsement of the value a blog can add
to your company’s relationships. If you’re using Movable Type to tell
your community about your story, submit your site as a Movable Type Featured Blog and we’ll be glad to help you get the word out.