case study: SAP Marketing

a case study I wrote about a client’s use of blogs to power new community sites.

SAP Marketing is a subsidiary of SAP AG, the world’s largest inter-enterprise software company and is the leader in providing collaborative business solutions. Considering their expertise in this area, blogging with Movable Type was a natural fit.

SAP has made the most of MT’s power to reinvent a company’s intranet, and they’ve creatively faced the challenge of changing corporate culture through blogs. SAP now has a network of internal blogs that they use to disseminate competitive news and intelligence, promote sales tools/tactics, cover industry solutions, and to promote workgroup activities. They’re also moving into podcasting and using MT as the backend for enclosures and subscriptions.

SAP has ignited excitement about blogs. Employees like the quick turnaround and the personalization blogs provide. They’re emphasizing the human element of business, and encourage everyone to speak in their own voice instead of “marketing speak”. They work to reflect the personality of the authors, creating a community site within company culture.
How can Movable Type benefit your business?
“All of the blogs solve the problem of getting quick-hitting content to people that need it. The blogs are not a replacement for our corporate portal, but an addition to it.”
– Jeffrey Nolan, Director, Apollo Strategy Group