Groove Junkies – House of Om

an album review for SF Station I wrote:

Groove Junkies – House of Om

Groove Junkies bring you another in a series of solid house compilations from The House of Om. This two-disc set is broken up by the time of night: 10pm to 1am and 1am to 4am. The Groove Junkies dig up some new classics and a few rare gems to shake you through the night.

The first disc is nearly all straight-up gospel house, with the requisite big diva vocals. It’s exactly the CD you’d expect for getting ready for a night out, driving all over the city to collect your friends, singing along and pretending you’re in the gospel choir. Old favorite Blaze shows up on "My Beat", and Groove Junkies unabashedly bookend this CD with their own cuts on both the opening and closing tracks.

Disc two broadens the night out with everything from Latin flavor to tribal drums and warm chunky basslines throughout. The vocals are using a little more sparingly on this set. A standout track is the beep-beepy electro groove of Nu Rhythmix "Origins".

All in all, just what you expect from a new Om compilation — they’re not breaking any ground here, but you get just what you wanted: fun, floor-filling house.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars